Hostesses $125.00

  • $43.75
    Unit price per 

Spa Hostesses $125 - 35% Retainer of ($43.75) =Balance: $81.25

You will be provided with 2 of Doucet's Designs Spa-tacular crew members who will serve as spa hostesses, and 1 spa assistant. Our spa hostesses will offer a fun, and relaxing environment for attendees. They will begin with warm foot soaks, followed by mini foot massages, and a fun polish from our exciting polish collection. Attendees will then experience a warm hand soak, mini hand massages, and nail polish.

If you have chosen the "Royalty Package," girls will also get to experience body art tattoos, and a fun-filled mini makeup session. The "Royalty Package" also includes mini hand, foot, and head massages.

Our Spa-tacular hostesses will ensure a clean, safe, environment for the little ones.

All spa experiences are for fun only, and our hostesses are not licensed attendants, professional polishers, nor professional massagers.