Doucet's Designs Policies

DECORATING FEES: A 35% non-refundable retainer fee is required to book an event. Some events may require a larger retainer. The decorating fee is based upon the number of guests anticipated, the type of services desired and decorating materials. Location fees will be charged if the decorating session is outside of surrounding area limits; the Decorator will inform the Client of this fee. If the client decides to change the location of the event, Doucet’s Designs & Events, LLC must be notified of the changes immediately and new or additional fees may be applied. All purchases, bookings, and rentals are nonrefundable.

CANCELLATION: If the Client must cancel the contracted services, all payments, including the initial non-refundable retainer, paid to date will be forfeited. The Client may receive a credit minus cost of already ordered items towards an available future date up to one year after the cancellation date as agreed upon by Doucet’s Designs and the Client. All cancellations should be put in writing and emailed to Doucet’s Designs & Events, LLC at:

DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: In addition to any package price, an additional $150 Security deposit is required and will be added to the final package price for full decorating services for parties and small events and $500 for large or upscale events. If the client has only booked a sweet’s or fruit table, a $50 damage deposit is required. For all spa parties and paint parties, a $75.00 security deposit is required; however, full security deposit will be returned to the client once all merchandise is secured and inspected for damages. The cost of the items will be subtracted from the security deposit. Deposits must be paid in full prior to installation.

OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY: All décor and merchandise used to execute an event that are included in the Decorator’s inventory shall remain the property of Doucet's Designs & Events, LLC.

DISPLAY & PROMOTION: Doucet’s Designs may display and use video and photographs from the decorating session and event for website, internet promotion, and any other noncommercial purposes thought proper by Doucet’s Designs. All video or photographs are subject to be posted on all social networking sites for promotional purposes only. The Client is responsible for advising Doucet’s Designs in writing of any photos or videos he/she wishes not to be publicized. Doucet’s Designs possesses full ownership of all video and photos of the decorating process and final set up photographed by Doucet’s Designs and or its affiliates. Therefore, Doucet’s Designs has permission to place their name and logo on any photographs taken by Doucet’s Designs.